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Environmental Programs


Pine Beetle Spraying Program          

The Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic appears to have moved on, effective in 2013. Mandatory spraying was discontinued. However, keep your trees healthy, happy, watering never hurts in time of drought, trimmed to remove dead branches and up to protect against ladder crown fires. 


Remain cognizant of any unusual signs: ie. pitch tubes, abrupt die back, needle scale etc.


Spraying Valued Spruce Trees

The Association has noted some insect damage to Spruce Trees.  If you have valued Spruce Trees, you may want to consider either spraying or deep-root feeding in conjunction with a systemic insect protection through the root system.  Feeding although pricey gives a real boost to your valuable spruce.  The Association has done this for the last 2 years and have witnessed a remarkable improvement. 


Local Commercial Tree Sprayers

It is the property owner’s responsibility to contact a qualified tree sprayer to handle any spraying on their property.  When selecting a commercial tree sprayer, please make sure they are licensed, insured, and use proper chemicals.  Note that low price may not always mean the best results.  Due diligence is important.


Wildfire Mitigation Program

Wildfire is always a concern. Think of it. There are far more fire hydrants in our area than fire apparatus to connect to them. Be fire wise, keep your property clear of littered combustible materials. Trees, trimmed up from the ground to prevent ladder fuels. Wood piles away from your home. 


Wood Chipping Program

The wood chipping program provides a great opportunity for Eagles Nest Property Owners to dispose of branches, logs and trees in order to reduce the threat of wildfire encroaching homes.  There are very specific guidelines as to what materials will be accepted and how the material needs to be stacked.  Improperly stacked slash or materials not meeting guidelines will not be picked up.  Please visit the Summit County website by clicking here for more information.

Your slash/chipping piles may be placed on the street no earlier than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled pick-up. Placing slash piles on the street prior to 2 weeks will result in a compliance violation and shall be subject to fines per our By-Laws.

Living Tree Removal

Please note - It is important to adhere to the Eagles Nest Property Homeowners Association Declarations and Covenants concerning the removal of living trees.


According to the ENPHA Declarations and Covenants:

  • Owners are required to move dead branches, trees and brush from their property. 

  • No living tree having a height of 6 feet or more located more than 5 feet from any improvement upon the lot shall be destroyed or removed unless the owner first obtains approval from the Design Review Committee.  


Other Considerations

If your property has dead or infected trees, you are required to have them removed.  Removal of unsafe trees should be done as soon as possible. A list of tree service contractors is available on Summit County’s website.


Slash, significant flammable material lying on the ground, must also be removed.


To remove a live tree greater than 6 feet tall or further than 5 feet from the building, you must contact the Design Review Committee (DRC) for concurrence.


Unsafe Tree Removal

Every year ENPHA conducts an unsafe tree survey.  This survey identifies dead and severely leaning trees (primarily Lodgepole pines and aspens) which could fall on a road, sidewalk, trail or building and for safety purposes should be removed as soon as possible.  If an unsafe tree is on a homeowner’s property, it is their responsibility to remove the danger ASAP, according to the Town of Silverthorne Code.  


If such a tree is on Association property, the Association will remove it.  If you see a problem tree, please notify the current ENPHA Board Member in charge of Environment.

Wood Chipping

Ty Drake
Director Co-Chair Environmental

Kathleen Branch
Director, Co-Chair Environmental 

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