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Area information & Community Resources

Summit County Alert System 

Summit County operates an alert notification system that sends out notifications of emergencies affecting the public—road closures, forest fires, severe weather, evacuations, etc.  Register here


Fire Prevention

Living in a forested area heightens our concern about fire prevention.  Property owners should take steps to protect their property by removing dead trees and shrubs.   However, before removing any tree that is outside of 5 feet from any structure or more than 6 inches in diameter, you must first contact the Design Review Committee.


On-Street Parking

The Town of Silverthorne has an ordinance prohibiting on-street parking.  However, temporary permits can be obtained at the Police Department. 



Rental property within ENPHA is allowed.  Those Property owners who rent short-term must first obtain a Town of Silverthorne short-term rental license and comply with all of the town’s short-term rental requirements. Visit for detailed information.


Trash Collection

Regular and on-going trash collection is the responsibility of each homeowner, though some sub-associations cover the expense in their budgets.  For homeowners who are part time residents, it is possible to make arrangements with local trash collection companies for one-time trash pick-up.  You should take care to place trash on the curb early on the day of pick-up and return the can to your garage later that day.  A secure trash can is a must because animals—dogs, bears, fox, crows, and even magpies, etc.—see trash as a part of their regular diet.  Trash may harm them or make them dependent on humans. 


Area Wildlife

One of the special joys of mountain living is the opportunity to observe wildlife.  Deer, elk, moose, fox, coyote, bear, etc. inhabit our community.  Please don’t feed them as they come to associate humans with food—bad for the animals and humans.  For the best source for information about these animals and how to avoid dangerous encounters, visit the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District or visit Colorado Parks and Wildlife.




Police Non-Emergency

(970) 668-8600

Short Term Rental Hot line

(970) 406-4499

Raven Golf Course

(970) 262-3636

Colorado Department of Transportation

Dial 511 from your cell phone

Road & Weather Conditions for Colorado

Summit Fire & EMS

(970) 262-5100

State Patrol

(970) 668-6840

Silverthorne Recreation Center

(970) 262-7370

Summit County Animal Control & Shelter

(970) 668-3230

Summit County Government

(970) 453-2561

Town of Silverthorne

(970) 262-7300

Summit Daily News

(970) 668-3998
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