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Noxious weeds are non-native plants that invade our native plant habitat (including your neighbors).  Both State of Colorado statutes and Town of Silverthorne ordinances require property owners to control state designated noxious weeds on their property.  In our mountainous terrain, if left unattended, noxious weeds are particularly prolific.


Since 2008, the Homeowners Association has undertaken a comprehensive effort to help homeowners control and eradicate noxious weeds.  We have identified 9 species of noxious weeds in our community (note: follow the underlined links for pictures and additional information).  Noxious weeds can generally be identified by late June.

Those species are:

Please note that the dandelion, while considered undesirable, is edible by humans and some animals and is not considered a noxious weed. ​

Spraying for dandelions before late June will not control noxious weeds.


Property Owner Responsibilities

We believe a coordinated approach, which we call “There Can Be No Boundaries,” is the best way to tackle this problem.  Property owners are responsible for eliminating noxious weeds on their properties by July 7 of each year without notice to do so. 

Property owners’ options include: 

1) inspecting then spraying and/or pulling certain noxious weeds including Chamomile, Musk and Plumeless Thistle, and Mullein.  Canada Thistle, Yellow Toadflax, Oxeye Daisy, Hoary Cress and Leafy Spurge should be spot sprayed.

2) contracting separately with a licensed commercial sprayer to spray their property. 

3) participating in the community spraying program with ENPHA’s designated commercial sprayer.  If a property owner chooses to participate in the ENPHA program they can pay a net of $30 if paid with their annual dues remittance or $35 if paid by June1.  If sprayed by ENPHA’s commercial sprayer, spraying will take place in mid-July, depending on the weather.  Updates will be posted as to the start of the program.

Only properties that pay to participate in the ENPHA program will be sprayed.  If payment is not received by June 1, it will be assumed the Owner does not wish to participate in the community program and will take care of ridding their property of any noxious weeds.  However, if ENPHA representatives or weed spray contractors observe any infestation of noxious weeds on these properties in late July, the owner of that property will be reported to the Town of Silverthorne’s Compliance Officer. 


ENPHA Weed Warrior Program

Under the leadership of John Taylor, the Association began a program in 2007 to educate property owners of the need to eradicate noxious weeds and to enlist the assistance of homeowners in identifying species and locations of noxious weeds.  In 2017, we relied more on outside contractors to control noxious weeds. 

If you see noxious weeds after the middle of July, please contact Mike McAntee so that we can conduct follow up spraying.  (

Ty Drake

Director Co-Chair Environmental

970-445-0744 |

Mike McAntee

Director, Co-Chair Environmental 

303-618-8268 |

Noxious Weeds Contact

Hoary Cress

Type: Perennial


Type: Annual

Oxeye Daisy

Type: Perennial

Musk Thistle

Type: Biennial

Plumeless Thistle

Type: Biennial

Canada Thistle

Type: Perennial

Yellow Toadflax

Type: Perennial

Type: Perennial

Leafy Spurge

Type: Perennial

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